ProVisit for Contractors

The all-in-one contractor management system

Save time and money with a system that integrates contractor inductions, document checks, onboarding and electronic Permit-to-Work with the sign in process.

Create a pre-induction course for your contractors to complete before arrival on site

An example of how the onboarding process works with contractors


How ProVisit can manage your contractors

Smart Permit-to-Work

Digitally create permits for a type of work that remains open whilst a contractor is on site. Manage and share work permits across multiple sites with the ability to sign off electronically.


Create an off-site pre-induction course

Create an off-site pre-induction course for a contractor to conform with your site regulations. The contractor must complete the course questionnaire to confirm understanding. Issue a Course Completion Certificate and grant access onto site via a unique QR Code.

Isolate Contractors

Contractors can be isolated for various reasons upon signing in whether answering a question incorrectly, expired liability insurance or invalid documentation. Authorised users can override and grant access if required.


Tired of keeping your contractor profiles updated?


Store your documents
and certificates efficiently

Upload and store certificates, liability insurance and any other documents. Keep your records up to date by tracking when a contractor has passed the induction.

ProVisit sends
out reminders

ProVisit sends out automated reminders for any expiring/expired documents to both the contractor. If reminders are ignored, the contractor will be placed in “quarantine” on the system and will be denied access onto site.


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The ultimate visitor management kiosk reduces queue sizes and waiting times and leaves a lasting impression in the mind of your visitors.
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