ProVisit for Coronavirus

Complete an offsite induction course

Keep your workplace safe COVID free and minimise interaction time with off-site induction courses for your visitors contractors and employees. Complete questionnaires long before their visit.


Features to help make your return to work safe and secure


A securecontact-free
signing in experience

Contactless sign in allows you the flexibility of completing additional custom fields and questionnaires on arrival and the ability to tap and sign in instantly from your smartphone, without touching the screen.

State your health status in advance

Declarations can be created and sent ahead of time so that all employees, contractors and visitors can record their health status by completing an off-site health declaration. Store and restrict access to incorrect responses.


Quarantine guests for
invalid documents

ProVisit places visitors, contractors or employees on hold and automatically notifies the appointed host if they fail to complete your questionnaires, inductions or declarations.

Ask visitors the right
questions on arrival

All visitors, contractors and employees can complete a set of quick questionnaires on arrival before being permitted onto site. Incorrect answers will not allow allow the visitor to proceed unless granted access by the host.


Automated occupancy control at your workplace

ProVisit allows you to set a maximum number of people allowed into a room at a given time. The host receives an automated alert when occupancy levels are not met and entry permissions are left in the hands of you.

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