ProVisit for Employees

Tap and go QR code check in system

See who’s coming to site and confirm their health status. Manage time, attendance and occupancy levels using our unique dashboard.


An example of how the onboarding process works with employees


How ProVisit can manage your employees

Complete an off-site health declaration

Conform to the latest guidance and regulations to ensure employees are fit to arrive on your premises.


Integrate with Paxton for increased security

ProVisit can optimise your workflow by allowing you to accurately manage employee time and attendance whilst reducing administration errors.

Manage multiple sites from one dashboard

ProVisit’s dashboard can help you manage multiple sites and buildings by providing consolidated reports and overview. You can obtain important insights into the activity at each site.

Fire evacuation alert straight to your email

Generate an instant fire report to your email

In the event of an emergency, ProVisit enables you to accurately see who’s on site and who they are visiting via email or make use of our mobile app to run an off-site fire report.

Run detailed reports and export to Excel

Run detailed reports from time & attendance, frequent breaks and late comers. All reports can be exported to Excel / CSV allowing you to analyse further and import into payroll systems.


Know when your parcel has arrived and where

Book in parcels and generate notifications including location and number of packages to the required recipient. Use QR codes to track and confirm parcel collections.

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