The future of event accreditation is here

We have completely reimagined how you manage your events. Simplify registration and speed up the sign-in process.




ProVisit provides a fast, secure and reliable signing in process for your event attendees

Badge passes

Instantly print custom high quality event passes for scanning in or out


Send email invites containing event location, event rules, attachments and more


Show a series of images and videos on or off-site and track the progress

Who’s on site

See who’s expected, record arrival and exit times, manage multiple check points

Issue certificates

Issue a contractor with an automated certificate upon course completion

Attach QR code

Receive a unique QR code attached with your certificate for a fast sign in experience

Save time

Remove the hassle of manual event registration; the future of digital sign-in is here

Hosting events made simple

Event registration

Have a peace of mind that you’ve sent out your invites and pre-registered your attendees long before the event begins. A typical email invite can include:

Event date & time
Pre-induction course
Event details
Map of venue
Fast sign-in QR code
Wi-fi details

Online induction course

Have your attendees complete an online induction course before they arrive for the big event. Inductions can be fully customisable and are designed to ensure that they understand and conform with the site rules and policies, including health and safety procedures, videos, training documents and more.

No hold-ups on arrival, contactless sign-in

Welcome your event attendees on-site using the unique QR code attached to their induction certificate and enjoy a fast and simple sign-in experience.

QR code-Contactless

Live photo capturing

ProVisit’s photo capture feature makes it easy to print re-usable photo ID badges on the spot for your attendees. Our powerful dashboard makes it easy to put face to name and update profile records on the go.

Dynamic reporting

ProVisit captures attendance records and locations at different checkpoints in real-time. Once the event is complete, analyse and export the data collected to measure its success.

Fire evacuation alert straight to your email

Generate an instant fire report to your email

Run an instant off-site fire report straight to your email using ProVisit’s mobile application and capture important information such as who’s on site and their last known location.