Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

The perfect recipe to protect your facilities

ProVisit helps food manufacturers strengthen their site and stay compliant and operational for contractors and visitors coming onto site.


Control who enters your food production facility

It’s more important than ever to protect your facility from food contamination. ProVisit helps to achieve this with questionnaires and courses on or off-site to determine if there are any reasons a person should not enter your facility. Benefit from a contactless check-in on arrival.

Approve or stop a visitor or contractor from site access using ProVisit

Store your documents and certificates efficiently

Upload and store certificates, liability insurance and any other documents. Keep your records up to date by tracking when a contractor has passed the induction.

Present questionnaires to your visitors at point of entry

ProVisit allows you to create relevant questionnaires tailored for any visitor or contractor you’d like to present it on arrival. Once complete, an automated alert is sent out to the host to act on the information captured.

Create a pre-induction course for your contractors to complete before arrival on site

Create an off-site pre-induction course

Create a custom pre-induction course for a contractor to conform to site regulations, including remote registration and a QR code upon completion for contactless check-in when they arrive on-site.

Place Contractors on hold for invalid documents

Contractors are placed on hold for various reasons upon signing in, whether answering a question incorrectly, expired liability insurance or invalid documentation. Authorised users can override and grant access if required.

Fire evacuation alert straight to your email

Generate an instant fire report to your email

In the event of an emergency, ProVisit enables you to accurately see who’s on-site and who they are visiting via email or make use of our mobile app to run an off-site fire report.