Online Inductions

Online Inductions

The pre-induction that begins with an email

Save time and money with an induction experience that begins long before your contractors arrive on site.



Create invite

Input name, invite date and details of the contractor

Add media

Customise your course with text, images and video

Prepare in advance

See upcoming date and times of a contractors arrival

Add documents

Add site rules and policies, health status and more

Track progress

See course progress and induction results in advance

Issue certificates

Issue a contractor with a certificate of completion

Attach QR code

Receive a unique QR code upon course completion

Save time

Keep time-consuming and stressful paperwork minimal.

How ProVisit can help with your online inductions

Create an invite

Create and send pre-registered contractors an email invitation that contains details such as the date and time of the visit, the name of the person they’re meeting, a pre-induction course and a QR code for scanning in on arrival.


Completing an off-site induction course

Before arriving on-site, the contractor must complete an online pre-induction course containing site rules and policies, health status declarations and customisable questionnaires of your choice. Issue a course certificate with an attached QR code upon completion.

No hassle, on arrival!

Your contractor’s details are already pre-populated in the system. Simply scan the QR code directly from the printed invitation or mobile for a fast and contact-free experience.

QR code-Contactless

Place the contractor on hold

A contractor can be denied access at the entry point for not completing their course or mandatory documentation. ProVisit sends out an automated alert to notify the appointed host.