Case studies:
NHS Trust


How one ProVisit customer made use of the contractor features to automate their visitor management experience.



The client had a paper system for tracking who was visiting the building, and everything was done manually.
The ProVisit team installed a Desktop Kiosk system. The kiosk sits elegantly in the building's reception area, ready to greet visitors and contractors alike. It took less than a day to install and setup for the client, and they were blown away by the system!
Another issue with using paper forms is it relies on honesty. Contractors need to accurately log when they arrive onsite and when they leave so that they can be paid for their time.
There’s no more needless paper waste from contracts being signed and stored; Fortunately, thanks to the ProVisit system, the system automatically tracks start and ends times, creating reliability and value for money.
When a fire drill was run, there was no clear record of who was in the building, so headcounts weren't accurate which would've been a big risk in the event of a real emergency.
ProVisit has turned head counting into a simple and efficient means of running a fire report off-site for our staff and visitors. With their mobile fire reporting app, we are now able to quickly see who's on site and who isn't.
Inducting contractors was a long and time consuming process for us and in turn we were uncertain of their health status before coming arriving.
ProVisit now saves us so much time because people can do pre-induction courses before they come to site, this includes being made familiar as to our Fire Safety, Health and Safety, and even COVID-19 guidelines!


“I absolutely love the system and can’t wait to use it to its full potential! It has made everything simpler and more secure by keeping people’s personal data away from prying eyes.


/ Estates Manager – NHS Trust